FearWear : Custom Promotional Apparel Done FRIGHT!

Getting professional quality t-shirts designed &
printed doesn't have to be scary

Freddy!It's no secret that t-shirts are a great way to market and promote a business, convention, festival, band, product, event, website or attraction, or that t-shirts are a great source of extra revenue. However, finding a reliable designer and printer that can produce a professional-looking product on time and on budget can be difficult.

That's where FearWear comes in!

Sinister Visions and New Republic Printing, after working together on dozens of projects over the last several years, have joined forces to offer FEARWEAR, a one-stop solution for getting top quality custom promotional t-shirts and apparel designed and printed.

Sinister Visions designs it
New Republic prints and ships it

You get 10% OFF everything*

You wear it, sell it or give it away!

*When you use Sinister Visions for the design work and New Republic for the printing, you'll get 10% off from both vendors.
You must make it clear during initial conversations that this is what you plan to do.
Discount becomes null and void if both vendors are not used.

Sinister Visions can design and illustrate anything you want to have printed on a garment or stickers. New Republic can print them. All for very competitive prices! And because we've been working together for many years (and in our respective fields for much longer) there's no guesswork involved and no unfortunate surprises when you finally get to open up your box of freshly printed products!

Be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, that's Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger there on the right, wearing a shirt FearWear produced for the Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention! Find out more at www.FreddyDoc.com!

About Sinister Visions

Sinister Visions

Sinister Visions is one of the haunted attraction, horror and Halloween industries' premiere graphic art & design studios with over 20 years' experience designing t-shirts, logos, posters, websites and more.

Contact Chad to Design it

Contact Chad Savage to discuss your design, including pricing, timeframe, etc.

(916) SPOOKY-1







About New Republic Printing

New Republic Printing

New Republic is a scren printing company with over 15 years of experience in the business. We provide top-quality printing at extremely competitive prices, and our jobs are always completed on time and on budget.

Contact Steve to Print it

Contact Steve McCarthy to discuss what you want to have printed, pricing, shipping, etc. You can also check out New Republic's pricing calculator HERE.

(504) 202-7770







Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm not sure where to start - what do I do?
A: Email Chad & Steve at contact@getfearwear.com and tell us what you're looking for. Chad will work with you to create the design, Steve will work with you to determine the products you want printed. Each vendor will determine their respective pricing (design and printing) based on the ensuing discussion; once we're all on the same page, you'll get a 10% discount off the collective prices.

Q: If I need something different from what's on this page, what do I do?
A: Email Chad & Steve at contact@getfearwear.com and we'll figure it out with you!

Q: Do I get to keep the artwork that Sinister Visions creates for my t-shirt?
A: You get a digital copy of the final, approved artwork. You do not get any originals.

Q: Can I use the artwork that Sinister Visions creates for my t-shirt for other stuff, like posters or flyers?
A: Yes, but the artwork will be created for use on the t-shirt may not be particularly useful in other mediums. If you're looking for additional marketing materials in tandem with the t-shirt, please contact Chad first to discuss the options (there are options!) - your t-shirt could be part of a much larger marketing campaign!

Q: How do I know the design Sinister Visions creates will be something I want/like?
A: Chad will work closely with you to understand your vision of the proposed design. Or, if you don't have one, he'll help you figure one out!

Q: What kind of input do I get on the design/artwork?
A: As much as you like! Chad will chat with you about the project before anything else to get your thoughts and ideas, and you may request revisions (within reason) to the design to make sure it's perfect for you!

Q: Can I get a specific type of t-shirt or brand of garment?
A: Yes, but you'll need to discuss that with Steve first - contact him. Please note that changing the brand/type of shirt may affect overall pricing.

Q: Do you guys do anything besides t-shirts?
A: ABSOLUTELY YES. Sinister Visions designs logos, posters, flyers, websites, you name it. New Republic prints all kinds of garments and stickers. Our respective websites have much more information (just click our names in the previous sentence!).

Q: I already have a printer - do I have to go through New Republic if I just want SInister Visions to design my shirt?
Q: I already have a designer - do I have to go through SInister Visions if I just want New Republic to do my printing?

A: No, but you do have to use us both for the 10% discount. That said, Sinister Visions and New Republic Printing are still 100% independent companies; if you only need one of the services that one or the other of us provides, contact us individually to discuss.

Q: Didn't you used to have packages available?
A: Yes, but we found that there are just too many variables at play for any one pricing system to cover everything adequately. 10% off is much simpler to calculate!

More will be added to this section as necessary...

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Sinister Visions and New Republic have, collectively, produced work for the following clients, to name just a few:

TransWorld's Halloween & Attractions ShowMidwest Haunters ConventionZombie Army ProductionsFlashback Weekend Chicago Horror ConventionHAuNTconNetherworld Haunted HouseStatesville Haunted PrisonThe Dent SchoolhouseLegendary Haunt TourThe 13th Floor Haunted HouseHellsGate Haunted HouseTerror On The Fox


These are all actual snapshots of shirts, hoodies, onesies, sweatshirts and more that Sinister Visions designed and New Republic printed.